Not only great baseball now we have CERTIFIED STRENGTH & CONDITIONING PROFESSIONALS training our PLAYERS!

All of us here at TCB are doing well and our teams and facility are growing and improving yearly. We have grown to 15 teams in Hartford, 6 teams in the Shoreline area, and 5 teams in the Middletown areas of Connecticut. Something that has not changed, we still draw players from all over New England and occasionally from outside our region. 

TCB is still recognized as one of the top programs in the northeast and the country. Sometimes this recognition is not because of the continued success on the baseball field, but also the success our players are having off the field and in the class room. 

This success has led to players going on to lead successful lives after TCB and after baseball. Some went on to have playing careers at the professional baseball level, some went on to have terrific college baseball careers, some went on after baseball to have a terrific college experience, and most became upstanding citizens in their communities. Although it makes us seem a bit old, it is fun to see a lot of former players starting their own families and coaches becoming grandparents.  

Whatever the road traveled, it seems that our TCB family has become terrific people at the next level of life, and that our TCB family continues to grow.

We certainly have fallen behind in keeping up with a lot of you and keeping you up to date with what the TCB program is up to. I'm sure most of you know that we have won 16-National Championships to date. Some of the other great stuff is that we have 98% of our players attending college after high school, we have donated thousands of dollars to the Wounded Warrior Project, our players attend TCB Sponsored SAT Prep classes at the Baseball Academy, and we now hold a Spaghetti Dinner that feeds all our families as well as some who have fallen on hard times.

With all that said, we want to get ourselves up to date in the world of social media and caught up with all of you. We are re-igniting our Alumni Diamond Club program and simply renaming it TCB Alumni and Friends. This seemed to be the perfect name as we have had so many supporters over our 24 years that were not only players and coaches, but also friends and families of players and coaches, as well as businesses that have supported us that we consider friends of the program.

The main reasons for starting TCB Alumni and Friends is simple.

*Create a program that may open networking opportunities for and within our large TCB Family.

*Create a Member Perks Package that will be beneficial to all members. Perks will be added continually.

*Create a resource that can recognize present and former players and coaches and their accomplishments.

*Create even more opportunities for present players that past players and coaches have utilized for over 24 years.

*Create an annual event that will reunite former and present TCB Players and Families. Stay Tuned.

I certainly hope that you will consider being a part of our TCB Alumni and Friends Membership program. I know that all of us here are excited about connecting with you with the hopes of continuing the proud TCB tradition that you have had a huge part in creating and growing.







Each paid membership will receive appreciation gifts along the with member perks.  

2017-2018 Appreciation Gifts:  Alumni Certificate -  Alumni Membership Card - Logo'd TCB Alumni Pad & Pen - Logo'd TCB Alumni Golf Hat
                                      THOMAS FAHY INSURANCE AGENCY, INC.                            Member Perk:  Provide a comprehensive profession overview of your Auto, Home, Umbrella, Life & Health and Business Insurance.  This includes a full risk control evaluation tohelp you secure proper financial protection at no obligation.
  CONNECTICUT BASEBALL ACADEMY Member Perk:  10% off any private or group instruction with Dan Kennedy, Steve Bray, Zach Risedorf, and/or Mike Wodnicki  
  CHARLES SCHWAB of SOUTH WINDSOR, CT Member Perk:  25% discount on a compressive financial plan.  Analysis includes Financial/Tax, Retirement, Investments, Insurances, Education, Estate.  A compelling value, the fee includes analysis, report and recommendations.   
  TEAM CONNECTICUT BASEBALL Member Perk:  15% off all merchandise purchases.  
  AMPED FITNESS Member Perk:  One free week AMP-Kick Start Pass.  10% discount on unlimited memberships.  Student Memberships are $99 per month. 
CW RESOURCES Member Perk:  5% discount on all lawn care quotes.  Servicing Hartford, New Haven, Litchfield, and parts of Middlesex counties. CW reserves the right to black out areas and request for service due to location and availability.