Not only great baseball now we have CERTIFIED STRENGTH & CONDITIONING PROFESSIONALS training our PLAYERS!


2020 Teams have been picked! 

However, we are still looking to fill a couple roster spots on our 7th/8th grade team

Please contact Justin O'Brien for more information 860-967-4300 




As players develop on the 90ft’ diamond and become more interested in their next level of college or professional baseball, this is where TCB excels for each and every player. “We consider our program a college development program.” Says Dan Kennedy, Director of TCB. “Our job is to make sure each player develops into a quality young man for their next life experience both on and off the baseball field.”

Our baseball instruction and coaches are former pro players and former and current college coaches. We have the best teachers for every level of player to develop on and off the baseball field.

TCB has the only staff in the Northeast that does baseball as their everyday job. While most have other priorities until late afternoon every day, we are working for players from 7:30AM through the day until most people are in bed. Our college guidance program is second to none and with the relationships that we have obtained in the college ranks and the professional ranks since 1994, our track record cannot be matched. “We simply work harder for each and every player in our program to help in the college guidance process, that’s a fact.” Says Bob Hetu, TCB Director.